Business Strategy

Medium-term management plan: (2) Priority measures

(1) Continue strengthening core businesses

The Group will continue to promote "Zouchu" method to raise the profit margin. In the construction business, will aim to improve the gross profit margin on completed construction by expanding construction capacity by strengthening the construction system, reducing costs, and continuously working on skyscrapers.

(2) Focus on urban redevelopment business

The Group will strengthen the business promotion system for urban redevelopment business by increasing personnel, and will aim to establish it as a medium to long-term profit base.

(3) Creating new value by expanding business fields

The Group will diversify our earnings base with a view to peripheral businesses such as large-scale repairs and profit-earning real estate. Also, will continue to consider expanding our business through M&A. Further, will also focus on creating high added value through the development of new architectural technologies.

(4) Secure and develop human resources, and promote reforming working styles

The Group will continue to secure human resources regardless of whether they are new graduates or mid-career, and also utilize M&A and business alliances. Also, will strive to improve the vitality of our employees by appointing excellent young human resources, expanding the welfare system and qualification acquisition support system, and promote reforming working styles.